Power-Line Profiling

Reticulation lines from 11kv to 132kv

  • Power system analysis.
  • Enviromental analysis i.e Weather data ,
  • line route , protected flora and fauna.
  • Line route optimisation i.e survey.
  • Tower spotting
  • Supporting structure design.
  • Insulation and hardware design.
  • Conductor and ground wire optimisation.
  • Foundation and earth design.


Substation Designs

  • Site selection.
  • Enviromental impact assessment.
  • Enviromental impact management.
  • Materials handling design and plant layout.
  • Soil resistivity tests and substation earth mat design.
  • Steel design for equipment support.
  • Electrical designs- specify all equipment and its rating, creepage distances.
  • Basic insulation levels.
  • Earthing , lighting , lighting and fire protection requirements.
  • Produce protection designs , drawings and settings for protection equipment.
  • Produce construction drawings.


Network Planning Services

  • Telecommunications Network Planning
  • Transmission Network Planning.
  • Access network Planning.
  • Data Network Planning.
  • Power systems network planning.


Control Plant Designs

  • ADSS and OPGW fibre optic designs
  • Microwave point to point link designs


Electrical Designs

  • Data gathering and community profiling for project initiation
  • Network integartion -take-off from existing powerlines etc.
  • Load flow analysis and forecasting.
  • Line route optimisation.
  • Engineering survey , statutory approvals and mapping.
  • Detailed design of electrical networks.
  • Construction drawings.